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Really great service from Incubate. Their cameraman and crew were professional, skilled and pulled out all the stops to produce exactly what we were after.

Matt McArthur, Whitelight Media (UK)

Professional Cameraman

Knowledgeable, experienced and easy to work with

content creators

 At Incubate we deliver filmed content that is polished and beautifully shot. Based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, our professional cameraman and crew are highly experienced and creative individuals who have a real passion and love for what they do. Using our in-house professional camera gear, we film throughout South Africa and Africa, capturing stories and b-roll for a diverse range of local and international clients.  Whether it's a cameraman for capturing a conference in Johannesburg or a cameraman filming a clinic in Ghana, you'll be getting experienced professionals who deliver great shots and service. 

Recent work

Corporate Videographer
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Incubate Video Crew - Show Reel

Incubate Video Crew - Show Reel

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MSDF | Green Shoots (Web Long)

MSDF | Green Shoots (Web Long)

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AFAP Corporate Film

AFAP Corporate Film

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Our cameraman and other crew. 

Our videographers and video crew are the real deal! We deliver beautiful shots, balanced audio and outstanding communication and service. We know our cameras and gear inside out. However, our real strength is in how we work with the people film, treating all with respect, professionalism, and kindness. We keep you, our client, informed and up to date throughout the entire filming process. We think on our feet and, when we need to, out of the box. 

We make filming a pleasure for all involved.

Hair and Make-up

Look your very best

Autocue and Operator

Stick to script


Like a real photographer

Sound Person

The master of mix

Field Producer

Keeps everthing on track

Video editor

For on the fly edits

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Keep the vision

Production Assistant

An extra set of hands


Crafted camera work


Good solid shots

4K Camera Kit

Sony FS5, tripod, lights


4K A7S, tripod, lights

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Cameraman & crew services South Africa

TV Crew Services image

Got a project you need to film? Need to cover some b-roll and don't need a large crew? Need a quick turn around? Our experienced videographer or Director of Photography will get the shots and sound bites you need with the latest broadcast cameras and gear. 

Camera crew in South Africa and Africa
DoP & Camera Crew

Our highly experienced Camera Crew with Director of Photography, Field Producer, Sound Recordist and any other crew necessary. Our crew has filmed content for global corporate films, documentaries, non-profit organizations and broadcasters. 

Video post prouction services
Post Production

Need us to edit what our video crew filmed? Our professional  Post Production services include editing, motion graphics, animation and final mix (using Adobe's Creative Suite). We also provide script writing services and voice over artists.

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