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10 Corporate Video Tips

It Takes More Than Just "Lights, Camera, Action".

So you've made the decision that you need a corporate video; good for you and about time. A well produced corporate video can help communicate your company to a wider audience, increasing brand awareness and ultimately your sales.

Filming a corporate video for SolarReserve in Johannesburg, South Africa

Step 1. So What Are You Looking For?

It's an important question. What are you looking for? What do you want to get out of your corporate video? Who's your target audience? What message do you want to leave your audience with? What's the best way to deliver your message? Think carefully about the rhyme and reason for your video.

Step 2. What is Your Audience Looking For?

We've all been subjected to the long-winded, monotonous, life-sapping corporate video. It drones on for what seems like an eternity and comes across as self-congratulatory propaganda. Your corporate video is meant to engage your prospective customers, so think about what your customers would like, how they'd like to be spoken to and what information they'll find beneficial. Remember, it might be your video but it's your audience's time.

Step 3. If it's Cheap it's Probably Going to be Nasty.

Don't kid yourself; price makes a difference. Anyone can own a camera and video gear but it doesn't mean they know how to use it. We've seen way too many badly made videos made by vidiots who barely know how to switch on their cameras. Put the right budget into your corporate video and get the real professionals to make it.

Step 4. Don't Take Time for Granted.

Your audience have busy lives, make the most of the time they graciously give you. Don't take 10 minutes to say what can be said in 2 minutes. Your audience is watching your video to see what you can offer them and not what they can offer you. The general rule for a corporate video is that it should be in the region of 3 minutes.

Step 5. Keep it Visually Interesting.

We live in the video age; everywhere you go there are screens playing something and that makes your audience discerning. Your CEO looking into camera barking out a message just won't cut it. Think about how you can get your message across in a visually stimulating manner that fits in with your brand and your audience.

Step 6. Woah. Reign in Those Ideas.

You might think Star Wars is the greatest (Rogue One for me) but that doesn't mean it's a good fit for your business or brand. As a production company we're often approached by clients who "saw this great movie and can we make a dinosaur appear...?". We probably can make the dinosaur appear but doubt it has any relevance to your business. Keep your ideas in line with your business brand and offering. Most importantly keep it super simple: one great idea is so much more effective than a multitude of disjointed ideas.

Step 7. Good Sound & Music.

The days of "You're Simply The Best" are long gone (thankfully). Firstly, don't even think of using a current or classic chart topper unless you have a wheel barrow of cash to pay the license fee and secondly don't use that chart topper without having acquired the license. Think about your audio, the sound design, the music used and the voice over artist.

Step 8. Don't Film it Yourself.

"Bill's got some footage he shot on his cell phone. Can we use that in the video?" The simple answer is "no", unless Bill turns out to be Martin Scorsese. Bad video footage just lowers the tone of your video. Always bear in mind that you want to set a good example of your business in the eyes of your existing and prospective customers.

Step 9. Too Many Chefs...

It's a simple rule but so often broken. Corporate video by committee is a disaster waiting to happen. If possible, try to have no more than 3 people in the decision making process. Without doubt, this will result in a better final production.

Step 10. Trust in the Professionals.

There are video production companies out there who can help you turn your corporate video ideas into highly effective videos that not only communicate your business but also boost your sales. We believe that a well-made corporate video shouldn't be seen as costing you money but rather as a means to making money.Take your time in deciding what you want and what you need. Investigate your competition's corporate videos, think about who your customer is and how they might like to be spoken to and always keep in mind that a badly produced corporate video can seriously effect how people view your brand, products and service.

Incubate Video Productions are a leading video production company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Charles Meadows is part owner, creative director and director of photography with 20 years experience in the film and video industry. He is on a continual mission to improve the quality of corporate videos as well as find the perfect hamburger. You can see more of their work at

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