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The Invisible Producer

It’s madness I tell you trying to film a production without a producer. A recent video production project for MacMillan Education really drove home how important a producer is.

Lyall Ramsden, our producer, prepares our interviewee

Tasked with filming 33 members of the public in different professions and in a short time-frame would have been a fiasco if it wasn’t for our producers. A producer would be best described as an invisible being who arranges all the important behind the scenes aspects of a video production and then gets none of the recognition or credit. Producers are rumored to never sleep, take breaks, need the bathroom or consume food (nutrients are harvested from fluorescent lights and week old coffee). Lucky for us this creature exists for without them I don’t believe any of our productions would have been completed. The Producer is also the one line item on a proposal that will get clients arching an eyebrow and tut tutting. The idea of paying someone or thing to organize and ensure the smooth running of a project is deemed frivolous by many a client I have worked with. To give perspective I suggest that we compare producers to air. We all kinda like forget that we need it until we suffocate or drown. Productions can go the same way if you don’t have a good producer doing their invisible magic.

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