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"We need a video crew. Quick!"

Updated: May 6, 2021

Trying to put together a video crew in 24 hours is tough but then getting them to Zambia is just madness... or is it?

Our crew of DoP, Producer, Camera Assistant and Sound Technician
Our video crew "A-TEAM"

Well, the answer is no, especially if Incubate Productions is involved. Just like the TV show 24, the clock was ticking. A call from our client in the USA gave the go-ahead and with it a new deadline... "yeah, we need the crew there by end of day tomorrow... possible?". 24 hours later and we had a top video crew of 4 put together, armed with gear, COVID PCR tested and booking into their accommodation in Lusaka. A tough assignment with an even tougher deadline superbly met by the fantastic team at Incubate Video Agency.


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