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Don't Waste Your Energy

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Our video production team has just completed work on a very interesting documentary project with the European Union and REEEP (The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership). Over the last year our video crew has been documenting The Urban Waterworks Project, involving 2 South African municipalities in a pilot project to improve clean water delivery and foster energy efficiencies through clean energy innovations at their waterworks.

Check out the video above.

Real Run and Gun

This was a real run and gun shoot, our video crew and director of photography had no time to make nice, nice, a typical "shoot it when it's happening or miss out". So a little chaotic in truth but all seemed to work out. Weapon of choice regarding cameras was the Sony A7III, perfect for our film it and move on schedule. The other bonus of the camera is that it allowed us to take photographs as well, which the client is now using online and in brochures.

Charles Meadows (our DoP) getting some photos on location

Our gear list mantra for a documentary project like this is "keep it simple, keep it light". There's no point in having gear that's going to slow you down and result in missing shots. My light of choice is the #Aputure LightStorm.It's seriously bright, lasts well on a v-lock battery and it's got a good clean colour to it. Other than that is the Sony A7III a good, lightweight, workhorse of a camera. The rest of this kit is made up of the superb #Cartoni SDS tripod and audio from #Rode.

Charles Meadows is a co-founder of Incubate Productions, a documentary production company based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa. He's filmed throughout Africa filming a diverse collection of stories for an equally diverse client base.

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