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Burnout in the Medical Profession

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

In 2020, my video crew and I filmed and produced a documentary with Dr. Cyan Brown and the Atlantic Institute on burnout in the medical profession. In South Africa, especially in state hospitals, the pressure on medical professionals, both doctors and nurses is huge. This story in particular resonated with me, a few years back I had burnout, it's an awful place to be, and the worse thing about it is it kind of just sneaks up on you.

In the documentary, we hear the testimonials of three doctors, two who are still practicing and one who no longer does. Each doctor has been severely impacted by what confronts them on a daily basis with no structures to turn to and limited resources available for help. It's a moving and powerful story that draws attention to this "quiet implosion" and the need for more conversation and awareness around mental health matters. Please feel free to share the documentary and be a part of this important conversation. You can also check out more of our work at


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