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This Showreel is Fantastic

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Sometimes you've got to look back at what you've done to appreciate exactly what it is that you've done.

It's been over a year since our last corporate video showreel was produced so it was time to refresh and re-edit. As it turned out it ended up being a completely new edit. This is a good thing. Not only is all the content fresh but it's allowed myself and the team to really see what we at Incubate Productions have accomplished creatively over the last year and a bit. And I have to say it, we've produced some sterling work! From animated explainers to marketing videos, the quality of our works seems to get better every year. Of course, I can't all the credit. Working along side me is a talented and gifted team of animators, producers, writes, creatives, video crew and actors. Finally a very big thank you to our clients who not only chose us over other production companies, but also chose to work with us as creative partners. Enjoy the video!

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