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Filming in Zimbabwe

My team and I have just completed a few days filming and photographing in Zimbabwe for MIET Africa, an educational non-profit organisation that helps Ministries of Education strengthen syllabus and schooling systems on the continent.

Photo by Charles Meadows
Young Zimbabwean boys taking part in a youth club

The project is an interesting one in that it’s focus is on youth agency in #Africa… the need to give young people on the continent a bigger space at the table when it comes to the educational decisions that are made on their behalf. Our job, as a team of filmmakers, was to interview these young students at (multiple locations), and get authentic, unscripted responses to important questions, making sure not to have the technical elements of the #filming and #photography get in the way in the natural spontaneity of the answers.

Setting up the third interview of the morning

You can probably see from the picture above that we like to keep our #camera kit small… we do this for a number of reasons, quick set ups, easy to run around with and fewer explanations needed for airport customs officials. Another big factor of using set up (#sonyA7Siii cameras) is the convergence of film and photo they offer.

Me with some of the young people we filmed

Time to pack the cameras and gear and prepare for the next leg of our shoot in #Zambia. A big thanks to everyone who made filming in Zimbabwe such a pleasure.



Interesting. Thank you for the experience.


Rainos Mukanya
Rainos Mukanya
Jul 07, 2022

An expertly done assignment in Zim. Happy to be part of it. Thanks incubate. Learnt a lot (Rainos Mukanya- Ministry of Education)

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