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I am where I travel

I travel throughout Africa to tell stories (that I think matter and make a difference whilst working for clients that do matter and make a difference). It’s an amazing continent full of so many beautiful people, most of who welcome you with a radiant warmth and the largest of smiles that could only be African. It’s a continent of so many cultures and traditions, a place of extreme beauty and, sometimes, extreme pain. It’s my home, for this part of my universal journey, my sojourn in physical form. I couldn’t have wished f

Working on a recent documentary about Mweetwa Nchimunya, an anti corruption ambassador for the IOC
End of day, end of shoot. Zambia

or a better home, a better place to grow, learn, and hopefully, to have become better person. Yes the hair is greying, but there are still many adventures ahead and many more beautiful people to share moments with. I suppose this is my short love letter to Africa, to give thanks and recognize that I am because of you.



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