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Corporate Video - What to Expect.

The blog on getting the best out of your video production

At Incubate Productions we want to help clients get the most out of their corporate video production.

You’ve made the wise business decision of getting your brand and business out into the digital landscape by commissioning a corporate video. So what should you expect when the production company arrives?

The Script Is The Foundation

First of all, before any filming can begin, you need to make sure you’re satisfied with the script. The script is the foundation of every production and if it sucks, then sure as heck the final video will suck. What makes a good corporate video script is applying the understanding that it has to speak to the person who’s viewing it; your customer. What do they need to know? What’s important to them and how would they like to be spoken to? The basic rule should be to answer the questions they have, inform them of what they really need to know and finally, entertain them.

In studio filming a corporate video for GladAfrica

Pre Production Recce

You should expect (during this pre-production phase) to also have your production company arrange to come through and recce your business premises or the locations suggested for the shoot. The recce is important in that it allows for both client and production director to properly plan the video shoot, ensuring that all runs smoothly on the day of the shoot. The recce is also important from the creative aspect of the video shoot. Where a client might think that a plain white small room is sufficient space for the interviews to take place, the production director will be looking for a more visually appealing location. Remember, the look of your corporate video is pretty dependent on the locations used during the filming.

Patience Is A Virtue

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither probably will your corporate video be. Your professional video crew should arrive with a whole batch of gear that includes lights, stands, audio, cameras, reflectors and rolls and rolls of gaffer tape. Due to the recce and production schedule they’ll know where to put the gear and where to set up for the first scene of filming. Be prepared for full days of filming. A really good camera shot takes craft and graft and can ultimately result in the difference between a run-of-the-mill corporate video and an outstanding corporate video. If you’re using members of your staff, explain to them the need for patience and to enjoy the experience.

Keep It Clean

This might sound like your mother but it’s important: clean up. Before the shoot begins make sure that all the agreed locations have been tidied, cleaned and that all non-approved memes, posters, desk ornaments and coffee mugs are packed away out of sight. Check to see if the walls need a touch of paint or if the cracked glass partition can be replaced. You’re investing a large sum of money in your corporate video, don’t let the small things begin to cheapen it.

Dress To Kill

Time to address the dress code. What people wear says a lot about the organization and adds to the final look of your corporate video. If a group of executives are to be interviewed individually then discuss a conformed dress code with the director during the recce. The same applies to a large room of people such as a call center; ensure that on the day of filming everyone is conformed to an agreed color palette. In the mining and construction sectors, it’s imperative that all employees are dressed in the correct protective gear and overalls on the day of filming. I’ll go one step further on this and suggest that all the overalls are clean and well looked after. We all know that construction is a dirty job but we don’t want to project the reality of it onto your corporate video.

Cause I'm Happy

Make it a happy set. Without doubt a happy set leads to the most productive and creative outcomes. The more buy-in and involvement in the process from the client and their staff, the easier it is for the production company, director and video crew to produce outstanding visuals and outstanding visuals lead to an outstanding corporate video which leads to more prospective customers watching it which leads to more sales which leads to more profits which leads to a great return on investment.

Charles Meadows is the creative director and head director of photography at Incubate Video Productions

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