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Taking your Explainer Video from 80 to 100 Percent.

The blog on animating explaner videos

You've realised the benefits of an animated explainer video, selected your production company and now you're ready to go.... or are you?

What's the point of your explainer video?

It seems a pretty obvious question but it's one you and your creative team need to completely understand. What do you want your explainer video to do? Promote your business? Your services? Your product? A combination of all? An animated video explainer is only as effective as the initial planning that goes into it.

A recent animated video production for VISA

What's your style?

Just because it's animation it doesn't mean it has to be cute. Your business has a brand and CI and it's important to keep that flowing, even in your explainer video. You should also think about your viewer / customer. What is most important to them and what do they want to know? How do you want them to view your business? Build the style of your explainer video around these values and always remember that your customers time is valuable, always treat it as such.

Where's it going?

Your explainer video will get different responses from each digital channel it's used on. A 2 minute explainer video will most likely get a better response on your website than it would on your social media channels. People who actively seek out your services are more like to afford your explainer video more time. Whereas people who aren't will afford it less time. Knowing where your video is going and who it's targeting allows your production company and you to carefully plan the best strategy for your explainer video, it's duration specific to channel and even the way it's call to action is structured.

You need a good script!

As with any video production, the script is the foundation of your explainer video. A weak script will mean a weak final product. Anyone can write words but few can put them together in a fashion that makes them standout and resonate. Ensure your explainer video company uses professional script writers and that you are kept involved in the process, after all it is your video and should be seen as a collaborative team effort.

It's about creating music.

A good explainer video becomes a great explainer video when everything seamlessly combines. It's about making music and bringing in the right elements at the right time in the right amounts. Work in partnership with your explainer video company, put across your objectives for the video and work together as a team. Also don't be afraid

You pays yer money, yer takes yer chances!

Too often we see clients who have gone the low budget route. The old saying of "if it looks too good to be true then it probably is" holds just as true in the creative industry than in any other. Creativity is something that honed and fined tuned through practice, study and hard work. A professional creative team will create you an explainer video that becomes a real asset, a video that makes you money because it was created right from the outset.

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