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What is an Explainer Video?

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

More and more of our clients are turning to animated Explainer Videos as a powerful marketing tool for selling their products or services. But what is an explainer video and is it right for you?

Let's start by answering the first question. What is an explainer video? Typically an explainer video is a 60 to 90 second animated video that, well... explains your product or service offering in a manner that is to the point, informative, easy to understand, eye catching and directed specifically at your target audience. It's job is to make the best use of time explaining the standout features of your offering and how those features will improve the lives or profitability of your customer. Think of it as an animated "Elevator Pitch" that works for you 24/7 with a global reach.

Is an Explainer Video right for you? If you have a service / product you need to sell or a concept you need to articulate then the simple answer is yes, you probably need an explainer video. Time is precious so use it wisely. An explainer video removes the risk of fumbling power points, nervous presentations and bored audiences. Firstly an explainer video gives you an immediate WOW factor and allows you to stand head and shoulders above what the competition pitched. Secondly an explainer breaks the ice and gets straight down to business, pitching your proposition with succinct, easy to understand audio and animation that even the most hard of hearing and half asleep audience can't ignore or fail to understand. Thirdly an explainer video turns your pitch into a conversation, allowing your audience to start asking questions after 90 seconds and giving you the opportunity to engage on the matters that really matter.

Are Explainer Videos only good for presentations?

Explainer videos are a must for your website or social media sites. Don't kid yourself, people don't read anymore, all that text on your website is mostly wasted. People want to see images and preferably a video that perfectly and succinctly explains your offering... (aka) an explainer video. But don't take our word for it, research what Google have to say about having video on your site.

Will any Explainer Video do?

In one word, NO. A well made explainer video isn't cheap and there's plenty of reasons for that. Your explainer video needs to properly represent what your selling as well as your brand, it needs to be specific to your requirements, whilst speaking the language of your business and your intended audience. Whoever you choose as your explainer video company will spend a lot of time understanding these requirements to design and produce an explainer video that is not only unique to you, perfectly explains your proposition and, most importantly, helps improve lead acquisition and shows a healthy ROI.

Charles Meadows is co-founder of Incubate Productions, a leading producer of animated explainer videos and video content.

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