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SA Cities Explainer Video

So How Do You Create A Smarter City? To get the best out a city you need to understand what makes up a city. This is where Density comes in. Understanding Urban Density is pivotal to development and creating cities that are smarter and happier places to live in.

Employed by ‪‎South African Cities Network‬, we created an ‪‎animated‬‪ explainer video‬ that details the thinking and philosophy behind Density and how it is being used to build better cities here in ‪South Africa‬. At Incubate Productions this is something we specialise in, taking complex topics and turning them into eye catching and easy to understand‪ ‎animated videos‬. Watch this explainer video and get a better idea of how South African Cities Network is using the science of Urban Density to develop a public transport framework to improve the lives of all us city dwellers. Yuo can check more of our work at www.incubatevideo.co.za

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