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Speak in Many Languages

We might be a global village but people still like and need to be spoken to in their native language. A recent animated explainer project we completed for German pharmaceutical company, B.Braun, perfectly demonstrated this fact. The video below is a compilation of the Prontosan video split into different languages.

2D animated video is one of the best ways to communicate complex narratives, which is why B.Braun approached us to begin with, to demonstrate the efficacy of their Prontosan Solution in controlling biofilms (sticky microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi etc that prevent wound healing) to doctors worldwide. When B.Braun saw the success of the initial English version, they quickly realised that the video needed to be launched into other territories where they were active and released German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Finnish (subtitled) versions. Our experience in translating the explainer videos we produce into other languages is vast and we turned around each new version quickly and without fuss. The overall success B.Braun experienced with their video was compounded with the (wise) decision of localising each video through language. Ultimately that's the beauty of animation, it's easy to translate it into other languages without huge cost resulting in quicker turn around times and greater value returns.

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